The Parish Post – June 2023

The Village Clean Up

The Newborough Doing Crew have been at it again with a clear up in the centre of the village, spreading out to Elton Close and Squirrels Corner and up to the traffic calming by the church, although following last night’s heavy rain, you wouldn’t think we had done anything!

Thanks, as always, to all who attended.

We will try to do this at least three times a year and it would be great to see a few new faces rather than just the usual bunch who regularly help with this activity. Many hands make light work and all that!

Happy Birthday Dave!!!

Although some of you may find it hard to believe (not many of us to be fair) but Dave who is the blind man in the village turned 60 this week. For those few who don’t know him, he is tearoom Karen’s other half. Notice we didn’t say better half! He’s not blind either, that’s just a reference to his business.

Happy birthday Dave. Hope you enjoyed the celebrations.

Water Course – Thunderstorm Update

A reminder from the Parish Council to householders with responsibility for the water course to remove objects from the edge. The rain causes fast overflow ensuring that metal, wooden and garden waste is swept from the banks and can block the bridges in the village. Could you please ensure that you do your utmost to prevent flooding in the village as this will have consequences for all residents and with thunderstorms looking to continue, we need to ensure this is a priority.