The Parish Post – Council Tax

All parishioners should have received the council tax information for the year 2023/2024 this week. You may notice that the increase in the parish council amount is 7% for this year.

The Newborough Parish Council budget was discussed extensively at both the November and January meeting and with the council being responsible for all village maintenance, playpark upkeep and any village additions we have seen a notable increase in costs over recent months that apply directly to the parish council’s budget.

This increase, alongside the fact that only a minor increase of 1.5% was added in the previous tax year is the reason that the 7% was decided to be right at this time.

To give some context to this information.

The previous contribution of your council tax per year to Newborough Parish Council for a BAND F property was £97.10.

This year with the 7% increase it will see your contribution move to £103.91

This is an increase of £6.81 for the year or 57p per month.

Whilst the parish council appreciate that financially things have become difficult for many households they hope that you understand the reasoning behind the increase. We do encourage all parishioners to attend the parish council meetings to discuss the issues that most concern them and would welcome any feedback that the parishioners have at the upcoming Annual Parish Meeting on 17th April at 7.30pm in the Jubilee Room, refreshments will be provided