The Parish Post – September 2022 – Book of Condolence & Village Clean Up

A book of Condolence

The Parish Council have asked the church to manage the book of condolence for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll and they have informed us that the book will be available from Tuesday 13th September from 2pm until 7pm and then from Wednesday 14th from 9am until 7pm each day until the date of the funeral – Monday 19th September.

A service will also be held on Sunday 18th September at 10am at All Saints Church, Newborough.

The Parish Council will then ensure that this book is send to Buckingham Palace from the parish of Newborough.

As previously mentioned, if you are unable to attend the church during this period the parish council will also be creating an e-book of condolence, so please email any messages to:

Lastly, the Chairman and the Parish Councillors would like to thank Brian and Sue Beck for their support with managing this.

 A Note from The Chairman Regarding Today’s Village Clean Up

“Well, what great day! Such a display of community spirit at today’s village clean up

The village clean up itself really started a few weeks ago when a parishioner litter picked from the village green to the crossroads of the A515. This then continued when a couple of days ago Adrian and Gill Forbes went litter picking from their house all the way up to Six Lane Ends.

Today’s event then started with an incredible number a people turning up at 10am… And thankfully they kept coming!

Gill Spencer and Liz Slater went on to continue the litter picking on Yoxall Road and the rest of the team spread out from the village centre clearing pavements, gutters, and gullies.

James Bullock, with his glamourous assistant Fred Sherratt, assisted by mowing and strimming the play park and village green, then moving on to church yard where Brian Beck was putting his back into tidying up.

The Parish Councillors, Vicki Gould, Ron Skipper, Deanne Bell and I cannot express our gratitude enough to those who helped, and we hope you all enjoyed filling those 20 or more bags, Ron’s load-all and Jim’s trailer!

  Thank you goes to:

    Lee Mainwaring

    Chris Hayes

    Robin & Ruth Dickers

    Will & Vanessa Batkin

    Simon & Louise Rutherford

    John Imber

    Sarah Skipper

    Debbie Clarke

    David Gould

    Deanne Bell’s friend Jane

    James & Aimi Swift

    Carolyn Tyrell

    Brian Beck

    Jim Bullock & Fred Sherratt

Lastly, we also had further help from some younger members of the community, with May, George, Albie, Romilly, and three of the children from Poplars Farm all getting involved. What a great job you all did! 👍🏼

Refreshments were provided by the Parish Council from the coffee shop and after a good morning’s work, we all retired to the Red Lion.

The Parish Council would like to make these a more frequent event and we will be planning another towards Christmas time, so please feel free to join us and thank you once again for an excellent demonstration of community spirit and support for your Parish Council!