The Parish Post – May 22 – Commemorative Coins

The Parish Post

Queen’s Jubilee Commemorative Coins

Cllrs Bullingham and Bell visited the Needwood School last week to present the children with their commemorative coins for the upcoming Jubilee.

We are looking forward to seeing you all at the celebrations from 11.30am on Friday 3rd June

Extraordinary Meeting of the Parish Council

Newborough Parish Council held an extraordinary meeting on 19th May to discuss the appeal made in relation to the Poplars Farm planning application. The appeal and the reasons for it were discussed with all the parishioners present and it was decided unanimously to maintain the status of objecting to the application, noting all the comments that were previously made by the council. This objection with no additional planning related comments were uploaded to the planning inspectorate portal for further review.  

Please find the minutes of that meeting attached


Newborough Parish Council are proud to launch our new website which can be found at

This website will contain all our agenda, minutes, and important documents as well as newsletter updates, links to local council apps such as the MyStaffs App for reporting potholes or littering and information on both the Newborough Parish Council and the County & Borough Councillors.

If there is anything else, you would like to see on our website please email the clerk at