Parish Post – March

At the latest Parish Council meeting we had a visit from our County Councillor. Councillor Jessel reported that one of the County Councils highest priorities was highways maintenance and that £15
million had been dedicated to improvements.

We also had PCS Officer Leathers at the meeting who reported there had been an increase of 1 crime in the surrounding area over the last year.
If you wish to see everything that was discussed at the meeting please check out the minutes when they appear on our village website.
As spring approaches, our Parish Lengthsman begins his work keeping our village neat and tidy. His work includes mowing the grass verges, the playpark and the church yard. This is ongoing throughout the growing season and is paid for by your contribution to the Council Tax.
Please be aware that as fuel costs rise, your heating diesel may be at risk of theft. Follow this link to see how you can keep your tank safe. heatingoilsecurity1.pdf (